Act+Acre Cold Processed Apple Stem Cell Serum - Promotes Growth and Lessens Hair Loss - Soothes and Hydrates the Scalp - Sulphate and Paraben Free - Aloe Vera for Improved Scalp Health.



PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH: Our Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum contains a clinically proven active ingredient that harnesses the power of Swiss Apple Stem cells to protect hair follicle stem cells against premature hair thinning and shedding. Promoting and extending the growth phase resulting in stronger and fuller hair HYDRATES AND NOURISHES: We paired this with another clinically proven ingredient blend that contains bamboo and pea extract to hydrate the scalp and support collagen production for improved scalp quality and hair growth. HELPS ITCHY SCALP: Soothing aloe vera provides immediate relief to an itchy scalp while healing for long-lasting results. YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN: The scalp ages 6 times faster than the skin. Key ingredients such as apple stem cell and french oak extract help delay ageing and promote healthy skin and hair on your scalp. USER PROVEN RESULTS: 91% said scalp feels nourished. 89% said scalp feels and looks healthier. 89% agrees hair health is improved.


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